Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I Love Thee Little Lamb

I wrote this while taking Mrs. Morecraft's Young Lady's Writing Course.

I love ye little lamb

Because thou love me little lamb

I trust thee little lamb

Cause thou put trust in me little lamb

I will comfort thee little lamb

Thou comfort me little lamb

Oh, little lamb! Oh, little lamb!

I love thee little lamb

Thou ist bright and cheerful, humble, kind

Ye is't lowly, kingly, merry, MINE

All the adjectives in the worl' can't describe

How dearly, how sincerely my love for thee

Oh how dearly how sincerely I know thou's ist for me

Cause on that day

You gave your life away

I hope and pray that Oh, some day

I might give mine up for thee

Until that hour I send all my love to thee

Trusting ever fervently in thou,

Awesome, humble little lamb, trusting teacher, loving Savior

I declare this day I am yours

Thou art mine