Thursday, October 9, 2014

Curls and Fuzz

I see red curls tumbling down a bright and cheery face,

As this good hearted christian runs, her dress is full of Grace

I see her lashes dance with glee,

She's looking down at me

I see no fear in her little eyes,

She gazes into mine

I see a violet dress a flowing through the air,

Her nimble, dancing feet, yes they are bare

I see young and beauty stop to take a breath,

I, a little lamb obstinately decided to take a rest

I see she might rather march on, 

I know twas love that let me rest, a poor fawn

I see so tenderly loved I am 

I'm hardly poor, I'm rich! I am!

I see her blue eyes looking down on me, 

Oh so kind and trustingly

I don't make a peep,

She assumes I am asleep

I feel her softly, gayly stroking my head

On this pile o leaves she made into a bed

I love her my sweet mother

She gently combs my fur

I see a ball of black fuzz looking up at me

His, marble eyes quite paralizing

I've seen no fear cross his face,

He follows my every trace

I see no anger, no sign of strife

His joy, it gives me life

I wanted to run on and on

Lamb needed a rest from this ball

I saw a spot where we could rest,

Some twigs, some leaves, a nice clean nest

And I'm gazing into his eyes

I tell you I am paralized

Mine eyes paralized, with love that is

And I see the same thing in his