Thursday, December 18, 2014

Does it matter?

Here’s a rather big question, and a good one to ask every once in a while in a history class.
I mean, does the Studying of History matter really? Why am I even taking this AP course that is taking up so much of my time?

Not exactly. In a way has no relevance to my salvation, but it might to others. I might be able to minister to someone else, because I am well educated and I understand their History; I understand, at least in part where they are coming from. It will help me not to make the same wrong decisions that have been made in the past because I will understand them and the big picture better.

But, History is His Story throughout humanity. It is the story of human’s wickedness and God’s grace. I think it is important to understand that story.

Does the Grade I get in this class matter? 
No. If I finish this class with a good grade it really has no bearing on my life exactly. But the point of a “good grade” is that you work for it. This class is not only teaching me about History. It is teaching me good studying habits. It is showing me His Story. I probably won’t need to know exactly who ruled the Ming Dynasty in 10 years. But, I will have the bigger picture of His Story. I will be able to understand the Timeline of events. You’d be surprised how many people don’t know what empire rose first, or which explorer did what.

Will me studying History this year affect my life or the lives of others in the future at all? 
This is a big one! I think that the answer is definitely yes! In addition to all of the points stated above, if we do not learn our History we, as a people, will inevitable repeat it! We must see what happens when governments take men’s rights away. We must see what happens when God is taken out of the picture. We must see what happens when “God” is perverted. We must see what happens when people are power, money and blood thirsty. We must learn these things so that we will not repeat.