Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sponsor Tamene

My heart just went out to Tamene when I read that he is the only one of four siblings not to be in the care of his mother.

"Tamene is a 6th grader who truly enjoys learning and playing soccer. His father has passed away and he and his three siblings are cared for by their mother. His favorite subject is science and he hopes to be a teacher one day. Your sponsorship is vital in making sure he gets the education he needs to one day become a teacher."

Join me in Prayer for Tamene this week. Print off his picture or write yourself a note so you don't forget to pray for him.

"In Ethiopia, sponsorship provides an education to help lift orphans and vulnerable children out of poverty. Your support of $35 a month will provide your sponsored child with annual school fees, uniforms, and supplies. Children will also receive nutrition to fuel their minds and bodies."

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