Thursday, February 12, 2015

February Guest Post: "Here am I, Send me!"

I’m not sure when, why, or how it started. What I do know is that my passion for orphan care has been creeping up on me my whole life. One of my early memories illustrating this is from a family walk around the block. I was on roller blades, which I’ve never been good at controlling. We live near the bottom of a large hill, so getting down the hill always presented a problem. My decent usually consisted of a no-breaks effort to stay up followed by a crash landing into our yard. I was just beginning this willy-nilly practice when I noticed a fledgling bird in the street. I can’t remember if I even looked for traffic. After slowing my momentum by running onto the grass, I rolled into the road, intent on rescuing the bird. It seemed scared of me, though, so I hesitated to pick it up. In that time, Mom and Dad caught up to me and insisted I leave it alone. Its mama was probably nearby, they said, and would be distressed if we moved the fledgling. The baby bird hopped onto the curb, and we continued on our way. I was not happy. For the rest of the night, I thought about little else. Imagining the little bird alone bothered me so much. I’m pretty sure I prayed for it for the rest of the week!

Since then, my concerns have matured a little. I still love animals, but trying to raise orphaned bunnies (and loosing 4 out of 5 of them) cured me of wanting to raise every baby animal I came across whether or not it needed me. The realization that I wanted to help human orphans dawned on me when I was twelve. The idea swirled around in my head until, finally, I was ready to share this secret desire with my mom. I’ll never forget the shock I experienced when she said simply, “I know.” I hadn’t mentioned the desire to anyone! Incidents like the one with the baby bird had made her realize where my heart was going.

Lots of little girls want to help orphans. Sometimes as they grow older, God leads them in different directions. Sometimes, however, the calling stays. Knowing how to react to that can be difficult as a teenager.

When I was fifteen, Eric and Leslie Ludy presented a message titled “The Power of a Poured out Life” at a homeschool convention. The message fanned the embers of interest in my heart into a burning desire to do something. But what? All of the normal orphan care ministry opportunities seemed to require adulthood and/or a lot of money. I had neither, but that didn’t change my desire to do something.

Perhaps you’re in the same place. Maybe you want to help orphans but can’t figure out how. Or maybe God’s given you a different calling. In the words of one of my favorite hymns,

Never find yourself repeating, “There is nothing I can do;”
While a world of men is dying, There’s a work God calls you to.

Gladly take the task He gives you, Let His will your pleasure be;

Answer quickly, when He calls you, “Here am I, send me, send me!”

Over the past five years, I have learned the truth of that verse. God does not leave us unequipped to do the work He calls us to. As young people, sometimes we must come up with more creative means of service, but that’s probably a good thing. Spend this time being faithful with what you currently have—your time, your possessions, your mind, whatever money you have. As you learn to use what you already have, your opportunities will continue to grow.

Have you been growing into a specific area of ministry as I did? Can you look back at the interests and sympathies you had as a “little tyke” and see how they matured into your current interests, hopes, and opportunities?

 Leah is a book loving, Christ honoring young lady that is truly an inspiration in my life. She is devoted to Orphans and helping teens realize how much they can really do to serve God and be the voice and helping hand to the fatherless at Teens Interceding For Orphans.You can also visit her on her Facebook, her author related Blog, her Google Plus Account, Goodreads and even her Twitter!
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