Friday, February 27, 2015

Glorious War?

Inspired by the Fighting Ground (Avi) and tells the main characters story as I took it. Poetry really confuses me. This is my attempt at a Sonnet.

Glorious War: where brave men go. They fight

For what is right; They fight for a cause they know.

I wanted to be a soldier to show

Glorious war; I dreamed of wearing light,

My own crisp uniform. Thirteen, to fight

I joined. I shot. I ran-Not to know

O Wretched war: where the brave men must go

For this true cause they fight, for what is right-

-They know. I am a soldier in this haze

Called war. For the cause I know is right

This, my wounds: skin and heart- those bleak scars.

At farm boy clothes-uniform-I gaze

Now torn, stained, with man’s blood; This sight,

The reminder of that “glorious” war.