Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Gullivers Travels Biblically Humbling and Comforting

 God sees us as tiny, yet also in great detail. He is on both ends of the perspective, to an infinite degree. This is true in both time and space. With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. How is this both humbling, yet comforting?*
God focuses in on every day of our lives. He knows exactly what is going on, and he cares about it. He cares about us individually, and every individual day of our lives, just as he cares for every single one of His children. This is a gloriously comforting thought; The God of the universe is invested in our lives! At the same time, he also sees the most grotesque and sinful parts of our lives just as Gulliver saw the pores on the Brobdingnagians.

At the same time we are marvelously insignificant. God has been God for eternity. People have been living and dying for thousands of years. And we will live a short hundred years if we are lucky. In addition to the short amount of time we are on earth, we must remember the millions of other beings also living at the same time. We are truly tiny in this vast universe of God’s creation. We are like the powerless Lilliputians, who imagine their grandeur is much larger than in actuality it is. This realization is humbling.

*Question from PHCPrep's AP English Literature and Composition Course