Saturday, February 7, 2015

Why Study Literature?

While other important subjects of study tell what humanity has done and what facts it has discovered, literature comments and discusses these important topics throughout history. Literature is the intellectual study, discussion and explanation of why humans do what they do.

Literature is able to unpack great heroes of the faith and appeal to the human heart and mind. It discusses important topics like the role of women in society, or the proper place of death. Through literature, authors of prose and poetry alike are able to relay the events that transpire in their imagination in a way that demonstrates morals or lack thereof, captivates readers’ attention, and invoke thought provoking questions in the minds of humanity.

Literature is in stark contrast to other studies. It teaches the human brain reason and logic and what humans can do with these skills. It demonstrates what can happen if we abandon the idea of logical morality, while also showing what true love can do. Literature is the study of why.