Thursday, March 12, 2015

How did the First Industrial Revolution change the world?

This is by no means an extensive list. It is simply some of my opinions.

The First Industrial Revolution had lasting effects on the world. Some were good; some were bad. The Industrial Revolution was a time when families were torn apart. They, young and old, were thrown out of the home and into the workforce. Mothers were no longer expected to fulfill the duties of a homemaker, but rather those of a factory woman. Children did not enjoy their childish games, instead they went to work houses.

In addition to this loss of role fulfillment, people were becoming less able to sustain themselves. They did not know a certain trade or even the necessities of sustainable living, instead they learned one part of a factory chain production. They then turned around to buy the food and clothing that they used to be able to provide for themselves.

But there were advantages to this way of living. For instance clothing was made much more efficiently on machines. And there were tons of new products available to all consumers. 

The Industrial Revolution not only changed the way people thought about family life, work, skills, it actually changed family life, work, skills. This change was, in my opinion, detrimental to society.