Tuesday, March 17, 2015

If the names were changed could we easily see Wahhabism’s reaction to Islam as similar to a fundamentalist Christian reaction to compromised, liberal Christian theology?

Okay, I am a little confused as to if we are talking about modern fundamentalist and liberal Christians or fundamentalist and liberal Christians. I am going to talk about liberal/fundamentalist views in general.

I at first had a hard time comparing Muslim and Christian beliefs at all. But I do see how the Wahhabism’s reaction to Islam is much like Fundamentalist Christian reaction to compromised liberal Christian theology. The Wahhabist’s saw these different forms of Islam as perverted from the true Islamic faith. They had become “wishy-washy” in their doctrine to use Dr. Favelo’s terminology. In the same way, Liberal Christians have “wishy-washy” theology. Both of these faiths see the other as a perverted form of their own faith; both rely on emotions rather than sound theology; both put the emphasis on other things than their founding principles, often making serious compromises.

But while I think the viewpoints are similar, the actual reactions are quite different. Through history, different liberal and fundamentalist forms of Christianity have battled each other, sometimes peacefully, sometimes not peacefully. It seems to me that the Islamist reaction is always violent.