Thursday, March 19, 2015

Is Manifest Destiny in any way biblical?

Manifest Destiny, the belief that the expansion of the US throughout America is justified and inevitable, is not biblical. First to those who would try to justify it by using the example of the Israelites taking the Promised Land, we must remember some important facts:

1. God did not set down rules allowing his people to take over any land they wanted,

2. He specifically commanded the Israelites to take over the promised land.

3. They destroyed other people groups, at God’s command not their own, for His glory, not their own gain.

Now we must remember that it was technically the early American’s destiny to take over the Americas because everything that ever happens is known beforehand by God and is destined to happen. Just because everything is God’s will, does not mean God approves of everything. Thus, while it was inevitable, their actions are not justifiable;

1. Like I said, God did not set down rules allowing his people to take over ANY land they wanted!

2. He did not specifically command the Americans to take over America, it is not the promised land.

3. The early Americans did not destroy whole Indian tribes for the glory of God, it was for self gain.

So to conclude, taking over another people group, stealing their land, forcing them to convert to your religion and enslaving them is not biblically justifiable nor does it become justifiable when one claims it was God’s will, nor does God's people's past actions justify it.