Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sarcasm, Satire, Tone, and Gullivers Travels!

Sarcasm- Does Swift the author make use of sarcasm? Does Gulliver the narrator?*

To me, sarcasm is cunning remarks meant to poke fun at something/someone in a light-hearted way, not a harmful way.

By my definition Swift certainly uses sarcasm through Gulliver, but to bring light to issues not to hurt people, although some might be offended. There have been many instances when Gulliver states that a certain terrible trait is something that should be modeled. Although Gulliver is serious, it is quite obvious that Swift is not.

Satire-Why can Gulliver's Travels be considered a satire?*

Swift, through Gulliver, is able to discuss the follies of humanity and other’s opinions through the ridiculous characters, places, and situations that make up Gulliver’s Travels. He opens up the mind of the reader by presenting his opinions and opposing opinions in a humorous way that brings to light on the foolish notions of that time. Gulliver himself said that the purpose of his account was to benefit the bettering of mankind; Thus I would conclude that Gulliver’s Travels is Satire.

Tone-How would you describe Gulliver the narrator's tone throughout the story? Does it remain consistent through all four parts? Is it to be distinguished from Swift the author's tone?*

Gulliver’s tone and Swift’s tone are certainly distinguishable. While Gulliver is relating in a serious manner events that he clearly believes to be true, Swift is implying, stating, and eluding to his numerous opinions on the follies of mankind.

Swift’s tone also stays relatively consistent throughout the book.

Gulliver’s tone also stays relatively consistent in that he is simply relating the events that transpired on his voyages. But Gulliver’s opinions and overall state of being do change. Parts I-III have the same, curious explorer, seeking to make a good reputation for his mother country and learn the philosophies and ways of undiscovered lands. Part IV begins with the same tone, but slowly progresses Gulliver into being content with what he has learned from His new H. friends, leading to his utter disdain for humanity. What was once a curious explorer is now a depressed rejecter.

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