Saturday, March 28, 2015

What do you think of what the creature asks Frankenstein to do for him?*

Are you familiar with Frankenstein? I am reading it for my PHCPrep class this year. After Frankenstein's creature is abhorred by humans he angrily kills an innocent boy, convicting an innocent girl to the murderer's death. Then he hunts Frankenstein down and says that if he will make him a female companion he will leave Frankenstein's family alone. This is my response to the creatures request.

It is only natural that Frankenstein’s creature or fiend, as he calls him, should seek companionship. When he is rejected by the human race he realizes he will never experience love from these coveted beings. A female “monster” seems a reasonable request, in consideration of what Frankenstein has done to him. But both Frankenstein and his creature ought to think of the ramifications of such a project.

1. It is Frankenstein’s duty to help his creation.

2. It is also Frankenstein’s duty to protect his fellow humans.

3. If the monster really wanted someone to love, that love should make him think harder about the implications of bringing another outcast into the world. Would it really be kind?

4. Frankenstein cannot know the nature of the female and he cannot be sure of the true nature of the already created male.

So while it was a natural and very human thing to ask for, the ramifications of creating a female “monster” were simply too dangerous.

*Question from PHCPrep

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