Monday, April 13, 2015

Why does Raskolnikov attack Sonia’s faith?

Personally Raskolnikov disgusts me. But at the same time I feel sorry for him. His worldview leaves him completely desolate. He has no answers to his big life questions. Thus lies are easily planted in his mind and heart. He battles only with his own mind and ideas not with real ideas of right and wrong.

In my opinion this is why he attacks Sonia’s faith. Sonia doesn’t have answers to all her life questions, but she does have answers to the important question of eternity. She knows what is right and wrong. This bothers Rasknolnikov, because if Sonia and her God are right, he is a terrible sinner.

He doesn't want to believe this. He doesn't want to believe that he is wrong in a sinful way. He does not see the murder as wrong. The murder bothers him, but his worldview won't let him admit that he was wrong.

Ultimately if Sonia's faith is correct than he would have to turn himself in.