Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Are you living a life #withoutREGRET?

Hi all! Today I'm here to talk about a super cool book, Without REGRET! The name really says it all. It is a story (several stories intertwined actually) that challenges the everyday person, that challenges the moms, challenges the teens, challenges YOU to live a life without regret. 

So here is my question for you: 
Are you living a life without regret?

Look into your future. Do you see the choices you're making now having a positive impact? 

Are you going to regret those hateful words that ended a long time relationship?

On your deathbed what will you wish you had done? Wish you had said? Wish you hadn't done?

I'm inviting you to come read a story of three friends who have to make the choice to live for God or for their desires. For their families or for themselves. They learn through firsthand experience whether or not their faith is strong enough to withstand fire. Is yours?

Life is tough. It takes crazy turns. Dreams are crushed. We must be able to keep trusting God even when we feel He is taking everything away from us. He DOES have a plan even when we can't see it.

You can purchase the book here for just $3.99!!! But you can get it for FREE today and tomorrow only!!!!

Look for my upcoming Without Regret Book Review and Interview with author, Elaine Mingus!