Saturday, May 16, 2015

Population Decrease in Europe and Increased amount of Immigration....

Europe is experiencing a demographic problem: its citizenry is dying off (it has reached zero-population growth, and perhaps even decline). Europe has sought to shore up these losses by extensive immigration, especially from Muslim countries. What are some potential ramifications of this situation?

First can I just say that I find tit ironic that so many people are worried about there not being enough space for all of us humans when at the same time population growth is dramatically declining!

Now on to the question. It is first important to see that this decline in population growth is due largely to sinful practices. The ramifications of a populous in which the majority finds sinful practices okay will not produce long lasting good results. We can see this happening in Europe where birth control pills and abortions are used as a part of everyday living.

The country is loosing it’s population, so why not import large amounts of people to compensate? While there is nothing wrong in my opinion with immigration, pushing two cultures with entirely different worldviews and practices has a great possibility for danger. This is even more true when the grand majority of imported peoples are of a violent religion.

Here are a few of the ramifications of this that I can see: 

Clashes between cultures (violent and social)
Overtaking of traditional culture, government…etc by imported cultures, peoples…etc.
Increase in sinful practices 

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