Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Questions and answers about the Glass Menagerie... (questions for YOU to answer too:)

Why, when she had so many “gentlemen callers,” did Amanda pick Tom Wingfield?

I was actually wondering this too. I think the answer is his “charm.” This serves as a good reminder that no matter how good looking or fun someone is, it does NOT make them marriage material.

Also I came up with the idea that maybe Amanda didn’t have as many callers as she says she had or thinks she had and she has to keep repeating it to make herself feel better…. This is just a random theory, what do you think?

Why does Tom portray himself as a king of the criminal underworld (end of scene three)?

I’m pretty sure if that woman was my mother I’d be running off at night and making up terrible stories too! (I kid, I kid) But seriously she was really annoying. It’s like she acted like she cared “so” much about her kids but she didn’t even take time to care about their emotional health, their interests, or their opinions. She cared more about her past and her expectations and their failures to live up to both!

I think this is the reason Tom portrays himself as king of the criminal underworld; it is the way his mother treats him. He provides for her and is a fully functional adult, yet she is constantly nit picking him like a little child. It is my opinion that she is partly what had driven him to his “movies” and drinking.

Another aspect of this question is that he longs for adventure and the criminal life would surely be adventurous.

What questions of your own do you have about the play?

Ending?!?!? I feel like a lot of these books we have read this year have spent great amounts of time describing little details and conversations only to end the story with an abrupt and inconclusive ending….. I feel the same way about this book. What do you think? What is the meaning in the ending?