Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Homeschool Life-Pig Organs

So most of you know I'm homeschooled... and most of you are probably homeschoolers too... but I still like to share snippets from my Homeschool Life on my blog every once in a while!

I've been teaching Life Science to the other kids (12, 10, 8, 6, and 4 + whatever additional kids are at our house from time to time;), using Ken Ham's science curriculum. Anyways, we just finished studying mammals and I decided to end our study with a dissection! 

Despite the gross smell, I am actually looking forward to the fish, frog, brain, heart...etc. we have left to dissect!

Since we have so many kiddos and one of each animal, I've decided to have one kid help with each dissection while the others watch. Jackson picked the pig....

We filled out this Organ Display Sheet as we found each of the organs. It will be fun for us to dissect the individual organs after seeing the bigger picture of where they actually go in a body.

I'm pretty sure Jackson is holding a liver there..... #joysofhomeschooling

I feel so blessed to be able to live this life style of learning, where love, and morals are taught alongside academics and we get to learn through fun experiences such as this. Comment your gross dissection or fun homeschooling experiences below!