Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Book Review: Without Regret

Earlier on this year I wrote a post about living a life without regret. Now, author, Elaine Mingus, brings us a novel that takes this idea and develops a compelling story out of it!

A little about the book:

"A vicious fight leave three childhood best friends estranged. After fourteen years of living without each other, an unexpected death causes a domino effect that brings them back together at a pivotal time. As all three face their own personal obstacles can they allow God to direct their lives, so they can live a life without regret?"

What I really enjoyed:
Wow. I think the most wonderful thing about Without Regret was the relatable-ness. This book was full of the stories of normal lives. Normal dreams. Hard Decisions.

You are so drawn into each of the character's lives it it really hard when the story changes characters tons top hearing about one of them, but then by the end of that chapter you don't want to stop reading about that character...etc.

I really appreciate the obvious Christian message held within Without Regret. It challenged me to think about how I am living my life, and I think it will easily challenge those in all physical and spiritual stages in life. But it doesn't provide a vision of some unattainable movie star life. No, it will show you how to find joy and contentment in living a life without Regrets.

What I didn't like as much:
There was a bit more romance than I would have enjoyed.

Who I'd recommend this book to: 
I think mostly young adults and mothers would find this book extremely relatable and enjoyable.
But I at 15 really enjoyed it and I think it can supply a wonderful inspiration for our future, encouragement for singleness, and a good point of view into the sacrifices our parents make for us.

A bit about the Author:
Elaine Mingus is a "Freaking Awesome Educator and Shaper of Tiny Minds" otherwise known as a Mom and Homeschool Teacher. :) She is also Christian blogger at Super Radical Christian Writer Chick, Poet at Spoken and Heard, and wife to a video guy. Be sure to check out my Author Interview with Mrs. Mingus!

Buy her book HERE!

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