Friday, March 7, 2014

Doing the GAPS Diet

     My nose runs when I eat peanuts... My whole body swells when I eat wheat... I get a headache when I eat too much sugar... etc. I have gone gluten free peanut free and cane/corn sugar/syrup free, but I still randomly feel bad and I am trying to eliminate the source! I am embarking on the GAPS journey of healing the inner gut lining so as to actually make my allergies go away! I'll do a six week introduction diet and and then see how I feel to determine how long I will do the FULL GAPS.
     GAPS stands for Gut And Phycology Syndrome and the diet to cure it has been known to heal autism, celiacs... etc. I am not a celiac but am hoping it will help me cure my allergies. So Here is what I have figured out I can eat on each of the stages of the Introduction diet:
      Stage 1: Homemade Stock and Broth, Soup made from this stock and non-fibrous veggies, juices        from fermented veggies, kefir, animal fat, Honey
      Stage 2: All of the above & Egg Yolks, Soft Boiled Eggs
      Stage 3: All of the above & Scrambled Eggs, Avocados, Pancakes made with Squash, Nutt Butter and Gee, 
      Stage 4:All of the above & Beet and Carrot Juice, Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Fermented Veggies, Raw Veggies
      Stage 5:All of the above & Apple Pure, Bread made with ground nuts
      Stage 6: All of the above & Fruit!
    The whole thing is outlined in the book Gut And Phycology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha Campbell-Mcbride. It is full of food lists of what you can eat and recipes and is actually a medical textbook. It talks a lot about healing different symptoms. Also the cookbook Internal Bliss has tons of delicious recipes made specifically for GAPS.
      Food has a lot bigger affect on our bodies than most of us realize. They can change behavior, depress immune systems, build up immune systems...etc. They can be used to aid or fight diseases. They can affect our emotions and health. I hope this way of eating will have a positive affect on my body. Hope has determined to do this with me for a self control exercise and healthier eating habits. You can actually make a lot of yummy things with just the raw materials God provides! I will be posting some of the things I am able to cook and eat on this diet!