Friday, March 21, 2014

Let's not make England's Mistake

     In reflection of the writings of the glorious revolution in England's chief writer John Lock, England was able to transfer the power the king had over to parliament. This might seem like a good thing, but in fact it is simply transferring the power of governing the land from one man to many men. They left out the two other vital governments; The Family and the State. There was q no jurisdictional liberty. They forgot about the family and how important it is. The churches irreplaceable role was not treated as equal to the civil government. They did not regard the doctrine of jurisdiction as important, but if they would have accepted it they would have much happier, well governed, law abiding people under God's authority and a much more biblical government.
     So what is the doctrine of jurisdiction? Well it says that there are three equal and irreplaceable jurisdictions and each plays a serious role in the life of every human being and every thriving nation. The Family is thought of as the rod and its role is discipleship. The family's job is to train up the children in the way they should go. The family's actions ultimately bless and curse the child's life forever. The church is known as the key. They must deal with the matters of the heart and use excommunication wisely. They are to show the pillar and the ground of truth. They should also disciple and help and lead their members. The state is used as the sword and they handle all civil matters. They must execute justice. Overall everyone must realize that Christ has all authority and we should operate in our proper jurisdictions. No man can be God. No state can play the role of a family and no church can execute evildoers.
     The importance of this doctrine in opposing totalitarian governments can not be stressed enough! We must put Christ's authority and laws first. We are responsible for our actions and will have to answer before God. Each jurisdiction is needed and each is quite different from the other, but none can operate without the other. In the family the fathers must take their responsibilities under Christ seriously. Training in the home is preparatory for all the other elements and leading other jurisdictions.Children seldom depart from the way they were taught. The young ones being trained at home will someday rise to be pastors or leaders in the civil magistrate. How they are raised will greatly affect the whole nation, the laws passed, the everyday life, and the liberty of the people. The church must minister, teach, disciple and make disciples. It is accountable before God for all its members and the elders will one day have to give an account. The state must avenge the law of God and protect the life, liberty and property of the church and family. To oppose totalitarian governments we must adopt this doctrine lest we make the same mistake England did.
     The England I talked about would have been much different if this doctrine of proper jurisdictions would have been adopted. They would have realized that the liberty christianity offers is liberty to serve God. Liberty would flourish if England would have chosen this godly way of governing. Crime would go down because the innocent would be defended and the harmful and crime committers would be prosecuted. Only reasonable laws would be enacted because the family and church would be there to keep the state in check. Likewise the state and family would have been there to make sure the church did not overstep it's boundaries. The family would obviously be seen as only governing its own members. The church would have taken a stand for its beliefs and truly hold accountable its members. The family would  thrive instead of being pushed out of the way. This is some of the major ways England would have been changed for the better if it would have simply adopted the doctrine of jurisdiction.
     The doctrine of jurisdiction is vitally important. The three distinct governments, the family, the state and the church must coexist. If this doctrine is followed liberty will prevail in all elements of a godly nation. To change to a biblical, tri-jurisdictional, and governmental way of life we must start with self government and govern ourselves according to the bible. We must then teach our children this way and they will grow up to be lawmakers and church leaders and heads of households. Thus we will be able to change our nation so that we do not fall deeper into the same trap that England did.