Tuesday, March 25, 2014

GAPS Stage 2 Pancakes

This is a super delicious, super simple way to make pancakes that are GAPS stage 2 "legal".  I would suggest cooking the squash the night before you make the pancakes because it will take a while.

Coconut oil
Squash or pumkin
Nut Butter
(if you want you can also add kefir to make it thinner)

1. Preheat the oven to 400
2. Peal your squash and gut the seeds and then chop it up and put it in your coconut oiled pan and put some coconut oil and gee on top
3. Cook until it is soft when you stick a fork in it. (Sorry I never time it. It is
4. Once you pull it out don't eat it all (it is insanely delicious)! :) Mash it up with the eggs and nut butter of your choosing.
5. Fry in coconut oil and/or gee. Yummmmmm... These are delicious fresh, cold or even frozen!

You can also add things like ginger or cinnamon to taste!