Monday, March 31, 2014

What our Founders Understood

     Even in this world of chaos everything that ever happens happens to bring ultimate glory to God. Sometimes it is extremely hard to understand why and how the events in this fallen world and in our fallen nation are glorifying Him at all. But we can rest assured that even if we never understand while on this planet God has a grand plan and we are wrapped up in it. Although it may seem evil is winning battles everywhere we already know the outcome of the war. Jesus Christ has won the war over sin. He reigns over all and one day he will throw all evil into the fiery pits of hell forever and take His beloved children home with Him. Now we know that all things will work to the good of those that love and follow The Lord and to His glory. Therefore we must continuously be living our life for Him and giving Him glory in all we do. Every action must have and end goal of bringing glory to our Sovereign Creator. Even in America this is true. In our homes, in our churches, in our state and national governments. Our original laws were created for a Christian people seeking God's will and freedom to worship Him. Our country was founded on men, who believed that faith in our God was more important than even the sacred documents and laws they were choosing to be governed by.
     So who exactly was the constitution made for? It was written by the Christian morally sound elders and wise men of the founding era of America. It was written to help guide a Christian morally and ethically sound populous and frankly can only be properly interpreted by such. When the constitution states that life liberty and pursuit of happiness are unalienable rights endowed by their creator, a Christian will see it much different than say an atheist. An atheist will say that they don't believe in a Creator and therefore should not have to follow anything He has so called "endowed". A Christian would argue that America is a Christian nation and we will tolerate other religions as a part of a God given right to liberty to choose for yourself whom you will serve as long as they do not violate the basic ethical and moral boundaries laid out by the constitution and bill of rights.  We would say that no man can take away the rights which God has given. We argue the sanctity of life and take a stand against hideous crimes such as abortions and other life incriminating horrors. Others would say that the baby does not have the same rights as the rest of us and mothers should be allowed to murder their children if it conveniences them. They would say that for the mother to have a "life" she must take the life of the newborn. As Christians we agree with our founders that liberty should never be taken away. Liberty to speak freely. Liberty of the press. Liberty to protect ones self and ones family. Liberty to teach ones children a certain material. Religious Liberty... The list goes on and on. Other parties argue unconstitutionally saying that the state must have a say in the education of children. Guns are dangerous and should therefore be forbidden etc. They say that Liberty of the press only applies to certain things and big government propagandists try to stick their noses into every area of everything encroaching upon the liberty of american citizens. To put it bluntly, the United States Constitution was made for ONLY a religious and moral people.
     Are faith and morals or the constitution more important in modern america? Some might say america was founded on the constitution and therefore it is the most important. Others might say that not everyone has faith in God and the same ideas of moral right and wrong and therefore morals and faith can't be more important. But in actuality the faith of a nation is more important to national security and order than a federal constitution. The founding fathers recognized this. The US foundation is the Word of God and its biblical principles not the constitution. If we take the foundation away the constitution crumbles. I am in no way saying the constitution is not relevant or important. I am simply saying God's word and His principles, which are expounded upon in the constitution, are more important. Once we are solidly founded in our Christian values the federal constitution is of great use. But since it was made for a people who were solid in their Christian doctrine and believed whole-heartedly that God was in ultimate control it can only be properly followed and enacted by a government and a people who follow this same vision of glorifying God in all their actions. Laws and Laws and more Laws will not fix the problems of society if we abandon morals and common faith in our Creator. Almost everything boils down to these ethics. If we stick to the Christian ethics the founders of America had we would not only be following their vision we would be living in a uncompromised completely different and true America rather than the enslaved, liberty encroached, deadly america we live in now.
     Our end goal must be to glorify God in all we do. When our goal as a nation in life is to serve God and protect the rights He gave us and raise up a generation to continue that godly service, we as a country will be able to prosper as in those early days of America's founding. But if our goal in life is to make more money, do what feels good and encroach on others' rights as much as we need to get what we want, America will continue the rapid downfall where the peoples rights are vanishing and America is shockingly becoming an anti God, anti family, anti gun police state. The founding Fathers glorified Him in their actions and writings.We must give credit where credit is due and credit is due to God. We can't take that glory and give it to men and try to make corruptible men, instead of a perfect God, sovereign over this nation. Many great nations have tried and all have failed miserably. We must take a stand. The only way evil can prosper is when good men do nothing. If our goal is to glorify God we can not stand by and watch innocent babies be mutilated and tortured before they even fully enter this world . We can not stand by and watch Christian values be pushed out of schools, the workplace the civil government and even many modern churches. We must remember that the constitution was written for a moral and Christian people and strive to influence the populous  and lead them to our Savior and His eternal principles.  In The end we can rest in the simple fact the founders understood that God is sovereign and He will be glorified and ultimately vindicated and if you are His child you will be by His side.