Saturday, April 12, 2014

My Terrific Job!

This is the translation to the Spanish paper I am posting!
      I am a  mother and a teacher. I enjoy teaching my children. I enjoy being a tutor to other peoples children. It is a joy. I love to help people learn the things I know and teach them the skills I know. It is fun and make me feel good. I also enjoy mothering. It is a blessing from God. I like figuring out ways to make my home run smoothly. As a mother and a teacher I do lots of things.
     When my kids were little, I taught them how to hold their pencil correctly. Then I taught them the principles of reading, writing, and arithmetics. I spoke to them in different languages to make it easier for them to learn languages when they got older. I did science experiments and helped them learn how to learn and how to memorize.
     Now, I still teach them lots of things, but they learn lots of things on their own. Now they are learning science and history. We are making a timeline. I am teaching  them higher math skills, latin and greek. My oldest children are now studying languages of their choice. I teach them how to operate computers and simply how to study
     I tutor other peoples children. They pay me to teach them languages and the basics od education. I enjoy it. I use a whiteboard and marker and teach lessons. I make them copy charts that help them memorize and show them how to put the information in their brains. I give the kids I teach homework sheets so they can know what to work on at home.
      Mothering and running a house is a full time job! I love to cook a variety of meals and teach my kids to too. Me and my kids clean. I show them how to be kind to each other. I disciple and sometimes discipline. I organize everything. I organize the school stuff. I organize the books. I organize the refrigorator every other day.
     So, you can see. I love my job. It is work, but it is enjoyable. I get to do my favorite things! I teach. I cook. I organize. I plan. I do lots of things.I am a terrific teacher and a happy mom.