Monday, April 14, 2014

Respecting The Ground Where Liberty Was Fought For

     "...and do Englishman so soon forget the ground where liberty was fought for?..."John Adams was horrified at the lack of respect as he visited Cromwell's victory over Charles I. He was set aghast at the fact that they knew nothing of their History. They did not honor or even commemorate the brave souls, who died for them, as he himself did. He believed in uttermost sincerity that a people should know their History and that they should stay true to their Heroes values. They should be active in politics to keep the "ground where liberty was fought for" and to keep the "liberty" standing strong on the threshold of every house in the land of liberation and victory. He did not believe that the things and values which were originally fought for were no longer valid or needed. He knew that a proper people must pay respects to those who fought for liberty against tyranny in his nation. These principles he carried with him to the founding of america. And we americans should carry them with us and hand them down to our children if we wish to keep what was so valiantly fought for.
     We should know our History, but just as the englishmen, most of us know very little of our true founding and the principles and events which led and taught the men of that great time. We must study how our founders thought. We, as americans, must study their good actions and decisions. We, as the next generation, must also study their tragic actions and decisions. We, as learning pupils of History, must see in our studies that History repeats over and over. We must study History to see what works and also what went tragically wrong.We must know and engrave in our children and be walking evidence of what those who fought for liberty died for. We must not so easily forget, as the englishman did, the trials that our founders faced and the lives they gave so that their children and grandchildren, future americans, me and you could truly live.
     Not only should we remember how they acted and why  they acted, we must stay true to those hows and whys. We must remember our american heroes values. We as a Christian nation must fight to keep a moral society. As liberty advocates we must fight to stop government indoctrination. We as true patriots, must look where they got their values. We must view God's word as sacred and fight to keep it as the supreme law of the land. We, who so enjoy the freedoms bestowed upon us, must view this freedom as sacred. We must continuously demonstrate these values and in this way show true respect to our heroes. Heroes that acted because it was right, that spoke simply because it was right, that gave their lives because it was right!
     We should be active in politics to protect the freedoms they died for. We as first citizens of the most glorious and hight kingdom of God must know our God given rights. And we as citizens of a freedom depleting country must fight with our words, our actions and yes if it comes down to it, our weapons to keep our unalienable rights! We as intelligent beings, must pay attention to the laws that are constantly passing that would incriminate on our rights. We mustn't bow to ungodly and unconstitutional authorities. We ought to rebel against activities illegal, by the constitution, bill of rights and law of God. We as humans with consciences, must make real sure we are not sending soldiers to their death for no good, godly and american reason. Keeping our eyes and ears politically keen is essential in honoring our freedom fighters.
     We must see, as John Adams so clearly did, that a people must truly know their history up one side and down the other. They must see the heart of the actions taken and strive to learn from the victories and downfalls. We, in respect of our founders must continue in their Christian values and protect the freedoms that so many good men died for. God's laws and the truth's that all our founders understood and died for do not change. We must realize this and we the people of america, in this way shall not soon forget the ground where liberty was fought for