Monday, April 21, 2014

Breaking the Cycle

     "America land of the free and home of the brave" rings the marketing lie in our ears. We want to believe it, but truthfully America is failing. Suicide, murder, theft, abortion, evolutionized education, rebellion, divorce... etc. All these things continue to happen more and more. Parental rights, property rights... etc. are falling away. Families are split up more and more. These are signs that america is on the same cycle as other great nations which have died. How can we break this cycle? America is on a train that is headed straight off a cliff. How can we jump off?
     History repeats the warning signs that inevitably come before the fall of an Empire, but what comes before the fall of an empire is the fall of the family. Divorce rates skyrocket. Respect for marriage and even the understanding of marriage between man and woman continually declines as does respect for human life as a whole as evidenced  by the use of abortions and birth control. Respect of parental rights, family rights and even individual rights slowly melt away. As children are seen as less the parents responsibility and more the school, city, state and nation's they are robbed of the much needed individualized nurturing and teaching provided by parents. They revolt against authority and young adults form the age of rebellious adolescence. Crime rates rise. Everyone is peer socialized and focused not family and God focused. There is hardly any respect for anything except the governmental authority. As the family dies the state and inevitably the nation falls with it.
     Sadly the state of the modern family is closely following these warning signs. Divorce constantly separates and harms families forever. Homosexuality is continuously growing in America. Abortions and birth control continue to murder millions. Planned parenthood campaigns for women's choice without giving thought to the glob of cells with an obvious body and human system. They use the disgusting notion that if these practices were to stop women would be so desperate they would pull out the newly formed babies with coat hangers. Thus respect for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (unless of course it is your happiness) as stated in the constitution as unalienable rights is gone.The United States Government continually brainwashes children and teens. Telling them they evolved from a primordial soup and gorillas and are therefore simply an animal. And unsurprisingly so, they tend to act like animals. Running in little herds with their peers, not learning from the wiser members of their family and helping teach and love the younger ones. Instead  they do what feels good and violate God's laws and often US laws. Murders, theft and other hideous crimes continue to take place in a once Christian nation.When the family is taken out of the picture the state may thrive of some short-lived dependence of the people but soon it will fall too as did all the other empires and nations before it, unless we drastically change.
     So how can we jump off this train America is on to extinction? How can restore the family the morals and the independence that the United States was founded on? We  must adopt a biblical framework for our families, our communities and our countries.  The Family, Church, and State must take hold of their proper jurisdiction and not take over the jurisdiction of the other. Patriarchs of the family must rise and use the rod of correction. Families must be the teachers and nurtures. They must teach the morals lacking in our culture. The Church must take the task of caring for it's members's souls seriously. The church must be the key to character development in the community. They must confront sin and help people unlock and understand how to live with true virtue. The state must pull out of trying to decide whether people are good parents. They must leave heart issues up to the church. They must leave the education of children up to their parents. They must go back to the constitution and withdraw from all of their illegal by constitutional law activities. The government is the sword. They must act on real criminals and help deplete the crime rate in the United States, but most of all they need to let the people and the church do their jobs and not try to intervene. To ensure the United States of America doesn't fall with the family we must adopt this biblical framework for both.
     As it took a few generations of brainwashing to get our country to this current delima of no morals, government intervention and slavery, so it will take several generations to gain back the freedom, innovation and common wellbeing America used to symbolize. If we choose to frame our families, lives and government around Christ and His word and follow His principles we can take back America. We can regain our rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If the family, church and state take back control of their proper areas maybe we can break the cycle of failure that follows the warning signs of  the failing family and state. People will respect life. They will respect marriage and parental authority. Kids that are raised in a Christ-centered family and a godly country that teaches morals, independence but also a need for a savior will not feel the need to rebel. Crimes will decrease immensely as people realize they are not simply an animal with instincts. If we want America to break this dreadful cycle and jump of the train headed towards the death of this country we must look to the bible and adopt a truly biblical framework.