Friday, May 9, 2014

Spelling is Important!

          "Okay, You know how to spell these words. But you don't know why you know! Here honey, read the teachers notes in this spelling book." Yup. That was a real conversation. It is funny how homeschooling goes. I have always been a natural speller. I can usually just look at a word and tell if it is spelled wrong. It just does or doesn't look right to me. Although spelling can be learned just as other subjects I have never taken an actually spelling course beside from when I was learning phonics and you know, reading the teachers notes in that spelling book. Is spelling even important? and if so how? and why?
          "Go look it up in the dictionary!" would be my mom's answer whenever we ask her how to spell something even though she knew. It was never my or my sisters' favorite thing to do, but it taught us first how to use a dictionary and then the deeper definitions of words, the proper spellings and the proper signs to show the proper sounds since letters can make so many sounds. I am really grateful looking back on all those opportunities that my mom made us learn  those words and so much more instead of just telling us. I think that dictionaries are very important in anyones spelling carrier and ought to be used frequently.
          Since I am a natural speller I can often spell words better than my mother. It is sort of funny. She is teaching my little sister and a few other little kids how to read and write and all the phonics rules through a program called Logic of English. It has really broken down the english language and shows how english actually follows a lot more rules than it breaks, contrary to how most programs teach phonics. My mom is learning certain rules right along with the kidos. One day, I don't quite remember what it was she was learning but she came into my room and said " Guess what? I know a spelling rule you don't! Do you know why bla bla bla does bla bla bla?" (bla bla bla is here because I actually do not remember what she said!) I didn't know why, I just knew that it did. She continued to tell me about this new rule. It was actually quite neat because I had never thought of that rule and yet every word I tried it on it worked! It was quite funny and although I am a natural speller I would like to learn the rules of why and how and will soon be taking and helping out with some LOE courses!
          Spelling is important for so many reasons. First it gives the appearance of an uneducated person if in his/her writing there is constant misspellings and misuse of words. Learning how and when to use the right words and how to pronounce and spell them is vital. This same scenario works vice versa. Someone whose grammar, and spelling and word usage are correct in their writings looks much more educated than the other. Also spelling is important for clear communication. So many words sound alike and yet could send a completely different and often harmful message if words are not used correctly.  Another reason spelling is important is that everything we do as Christians, we do to the glory of God and if you can say what you want to say precisely and with the right words spelled well you can use that to glorify God.  Fourthly it shows that you care and lastly spelling demonstrates the origin of words, which gives you a truer, deeper insight into what is being said. All in all spelling is an important skill to learn in ones education.