Friday, June 27, 2014

Notes from Jonah 1 #Biblebee

In todays post we are going to start off with some quick notes about Jonah:
Jonah was a prophet.
He was the servant of God.
Israel was the nation to received his prophecies.
He was the son of Ammittai.
Jonah's hometown was Gathhepher.

Next are some notes about God that I wrote down while copying Jonah 1:

God sees our wickedness and is resolved to help us out of it. 
You can never truly flee from the presence of God.
He is in charge of all of the elements of matter.
God does as he pleases.
God is the God of heaven! He created al! He made the sea and the dry land. 
He was feared by Jonah and later by the Mariners.
God's will will be done. He was willing to throw the whole sea into a tempest for 1 man, 1 city, and 1 ship of people. No matter how hard we try to do it our way, in the end His will will succeed. 
God works in mysterious ways. Through Jonah's disobedience a whole ship of Mariners was saved.
God showed the Mariners that he was to be honored and feared above all else. 
He is in control of all of His creation and could simply command a fish to swallow up Jonah. God knew what was going to happen and was prepared.

Places that relate to the book of Jonah and particularly chapter 1:
Jonah was close to Joppa when God told him to go and preach because that is where he went to board a boat to go in the opposite direction that God had directed him to go!
Gathhepher was where he was from.
Tarshish is where the boat he jumped on to flee his task was going.
Ninevah was where God told him to go in the first place!

Now, here is some Greek words that are found in or correlate to Jonah 1:
Euche-Greek-Vow, as a petition to God, a religious obligation...
Appagelia-Greek-Promise, legal term... A gift graciously igven, not a pledge secured by negotiation...
Neder-Hebrew-Solemn promise to God. Once made had to be paid or counted as sin...
El Hay-Hebrew-Omnipresent, living God
Za'aq-Hebrew-to cry out in a loud, pericing voice, begging.
Thusia-To kill, slay, sacrifice for: sin, serviece to God, praise offering to God...
Zebach-Hebrew-Slaughter, kill, offer, sacrifice and animal to create communion or seal a covenant.

Some Key Verses in Jonah 1:
"And he said unto them, I am an Hebrew; and I fear The Lord, the God of heaven, which hath made the sea and the dry land."
Jonah 1:9

"So they took up Jonah, and cast him forth into the sea and the sea ceased from her raging. Then the men feared The Lord exceedingly, and offered a sacrifice unto the Lord, and made vows."
Jonah 1:16

God's will will be done. Through one mans disobedience many men were saved!