Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Notes from Jonah 2! #Biblebee

A key verse in Jonah 1:
"When my sould fainted within me I remembered The Lord aand my prayer came in unto Thee, into thine holy temple." Jonah 1:7
Jesse studying God's Word....

My Notes About God from Jonah 2:

-God CAN hear us wherever we go!
-He is patient.
-Our prayers come into Him, in His holy temple.
-Thanksgiving equals sacrifice to God.
-Salvation is of The Lord.
-God can speak to anything and everything, including all elements and creatures.
-The billows and waves are His.
-God is in His holy temple.
-God does not look upon evil. (this does not mean he does not see it though:)
-Gods sees/ knows everything!
-He hears our prayers.

Some things that describe God in Chapter 2 of Jonah are:

-All knowing/ All seeing/ All hearing
-In control

Here are some Greek and Hebrew words that are in or apply to Jonah 2

Yeshuah-Hebrew-Delivereance, Victory, Rescue from punishment due for sin, by God.
Soteria-Greek-Safety, Physically or Morally saving
El-Hay-Hebrew-Omnipresent, Living God
El-Hebrew-The strong one, God of gods
Elohim-Hebrew-The all powerful One
Elyon-Hebrew-God above all other gods, Supreme, Most High, The highest, Epithet for God

Some places Jonah is said to have gone in Jonah 2

Verse 2-Belly of Hell
Verse 4-Cast Out of God's Sight
Verse 6- The Bottoms of the Mountains

In these dire circumstances Jonah responds with

Sacrificing with thanksgiving & paying his vows!

(The colored pictures In this post and most of my BibleBee/Jonah related posts are from my Biblebee Swordstudy. ;)