Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Chapter 3 questions

Last time to review a chapter of Jonah I had a form for you all to fill out to see how well you knew Jonah chapter 2. For this week I have listed a question for each verse. Please pick one and answer it in the comments. Simple state which question you are answering (i.e. 3.) and then answer it! :) Have Fun! You can answer as many as you like but I would really appreciate it if you would answer one. Don't be fooled by someone elses answer either. If someone answers a question they may or may not be right so you can still give your answer. As soon as youv'e commented, I'd suggest checking your Bible to see if you were right. But don't comment if you were or not, because that would spoil the fun for others. ;)
1. What came to Jonah in verse 1?

2. Where did God tell Jonah to go in verse 2?

3. How did Jonah respond this time?

4. What was Ninevah?

5. What told the people that Ninevah would be overthrown in 40 days?

6. Who put on sackcloth and proclaimed* a fast?

7. What was sitting in ashes, laying  his robe from him, and covering himself in sackloth?

8. Who was to participate in the fast?

9. What did the king and his nobles decree the people do in verse 8?

10. If God repented of what He was going to do and turned away from His anger the people thought they might not________?

11. What made God change His mind about Ninevah?