Friday, September 5, 2014

A Gift

Here is a little poem I wrote while taking Mrs. Morecraft's Young Ladies Writing Course!

A gift is not always something wrapped up nice and neat,
It does not need a bow to be complete

A gift is something more than that,
Its not your favorite book or bat

A gift could be a loving glance,
Not just tuition for your dance

Don't get me wrong, these are all quite nice
But there is more to gifts, this category is not tight

A gift could be a person, Child, Teacher, Mother,
Baby, Friend even Sister or Brother

A gift could be a answered prayer,
It suddenly hit you while waltzing up the stairs!

A gift could be a Characteristic,
Learning how to be optimistic

Aww I know a very special gift
LOVE is its name, its not a myth

Love might be the way to give a gift,
Sending it in a little drift

A kiss, a hug, a card
Its really not that hard

I know many many gifts that I could share, not ending ever
But theres one last gift I just must tell, else this list go on forever

The grandest gift of all,
To all creatures great and small

The gift of Eternal life
Given to all sinners despite our strife

God's gift, He loved us anyway
Gave his son, so that someday
In heaven we might stay

Try to be like your creator
See the gifts in all of nature

And try to give a gift, under Gods son
Tell someone of the Him grandest one