Tuesday, September 2, 2014

#Biblebee posts ending and New Things to come!

Although I will probably still post some more Biblebee related notes in the coming weeks, this summers local Biblebee is officially over! A couple Saturdays ago was the day we got together and took our scantron tests along with the rest of the united states and beyond! At 10:00 we sat in our seats with #2 pencils in our hands and flipped open the booklets to begin franticly trying to remember all we'd learned not only this year in studying Jonah, but our entire lives in studying the Bible. But the main reason we do Biblebee isn't to get 1st place or to win a reward. It is to deeper our understanding of God and His word. I have learned so much from this small book of the Bible this Summer. God has taught me a lot through Jonah and truly made my sinful nature and His holy character more vivid. His mercy and guidance were some of the characteristics that really stuck out to me throughout all four chapters. After doing Swordstudy all summer I feel that my prayer has renewed meaningfulness and I am looking deeper in my Bible reading now. I really enjoyed this summer adventure and I look forward to studying along with other Biblebee participants in the coming years! Until then, stay tuned for my regular (LOL. :0 Like they are ever regular ;) school year posts!

Now for a little foretaste of what is to come.... I am looking forward to this school year full of new adventures! Some of which include EMS Explorers, AP courses and tests, some hopefully interesting essays on literature...etc. I will also be continuing my Law and Government posts periodically as well as random things that interest me! We just started school last week, so beware the crazy posts begin! :)