Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Counted Worthy Book Review

Starting now, I am hoping to post 1 book review a month! I am overjoyed to start off this tradition with the breathtaking Counted Worthy.
A little about the book:
"Heather Stone lives in fear of repeating the past, yet she continues doing the one thing that could trigger another disaster. When the police trace an illegal Bible to her house, Heather’s world begins to crumble. 

Her father’s life hangs in the balance. No one with the power to help knows or cares. If she tries to save him, she could lead her friends to their deaths. If she does nothing, her father’s fate is certain. Can she evade a hostile police force and win public sympathy before it’s too late?"
This is the story of one girl, her God and friend on a mission to free her father and

What I enjoyed:
          First, can I just say that the Cover is AWESOME! It is so modern and yet the whole theme is drawing us closer to our God who has been here since before time began!
          I loved the characters! They were so real and intriguing. They were godly, but not perfect. They had their faults and you could see them struggling to do the right thing and follow God not just their desires.
         Counted Worthy really focused on people helping people, something that I think really reflected the author, Leah.
         Leah's word usage is amazing, so many times I was wowed by how powerful an individual word or a sequence of words could be. Here is one of my favorite quotes that I think really characterizes Bryce:
 "'Follow me.' Bryce took off with a swaggering gate."

          Counted Worthy wasted no time in getting me on the edge of my seat. It did not take a super long time to introduce everyone (it really annoys me when authors do this). Somehow I felt as though I knew them as soon as I started reading. It was like a portrait painted with words was set before me.
          This book is truly about normal Christians doing hard things in a time of persecution. Counted Worthy is true to it's title and helps readers to see what doing REALLY hard things looks like. The devoted Christians refused to give up their faith or to give up on others despite the earthly consequences because they looked forward to the heavenly ones.
          I really appreciated that Bryce and Heathers relationship did not develop into a romance. I much preferred the hinting that something might happen in the future. Bryce and Heather had the sweetest and most self sacrificing love for each other, just as a sister and brother or best friends might have.  I also loved the fact that Bryce was always trying to protect Heather.
  Here is a moving quote from Heather:
"Out of habit, I started coming up with blessings. I had been able to runaway when the cop shot me with his electrically charged water gun. Dad was still alive. Even if they killed him, I knew he would go to heaven. I had a brother-friend in Bryce and a grandma-ally in Miss Lucy."

           There are so many other things I liked/loved/enjoyed about Counted Worthy. I sincerely hope
Leah will write more in the future and I look forward to her next book combining her passion of Orphans and writing.

What I didn't like as much:
Ummmm... There was really nothing I didn't like! Believe me I really tried to find SOMETHING I didn't like, but was quite unsuccessful. :)

Who I'd recommend this book to:
Families, Teens, Adults, kids... anyone could read this book! It is a thrilling story that I guarantee will keep you gripped the entire time! I am 14 and I sware I barely breathed through the whole thing!
A bit about the Author:
The author of Counted Worthy, Leah E. Good says, 
"My relationship with Jesus is the most important part of my life. Though many people think of Him as a crutch to get through life, I think of Him more as a jet pack. I can truly say He has given me life, and life more abundant. Because of my great friendship with my Savior, I want to serve Him in every area of my life." 
"Books have been a favorite part of my life for as long as I can remember."
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