Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sponsor an Orphan


"Djoulensky arrived at Rivers of Hope on May 27th of 2014. Just one year old at the time, he was quiet, weak, underdeveloped and visibly malnourished. Djoulensky’s mother is unemployed and on her own caring for several children. Sadly, she could not make ends meet and brought Djoulensky to Rivers of Hope in a desperate effort to provide nourishment and stability for her son.

Shortly after Djoulensky arrived at Rivers of Hope he was taken by the staff to the doctor for a blood sample. During the procedure the staff realized how truly weak he was and the reason for his still, reserved and stoic demeanor. After exhaustive efforts to find his small veins the Rivers of Hope team were told they would have to return when his little body was capable of drawing blood. The staff brought Djoulensky back to Rivers of Hope and worked around the clock to provide him with the nourishment he needed. At last, they were able to return and successfully have his blood work completed. After the battle to see Djoulensky’s health improve, the staff were thrilled by the test results which showed that, aside from some mild anemia, Djoulensky was a healthy little boy who was just in dire need of food and love.

Djoulensky has now warmed up to the staff and plays well with the other children in the home. In just a few months, this handsome guy has charmed all of his caretakers at Rivers of Hope. Though still quiet and shy at times, the staff can daily see the positive change in him as he continues to opens up, laugh and smile. He is walking now, grasping toys and babbling constantly with the caretaking staff. We cannot wait to see how Djoulensky continues to grow and develop in these important first years of his life under the committed care of the Rivers of Hope staff.

Your monthly sponsorship will ensure that Djoulensky receives the love, care and nourishment he needs to continue growing into a healthy little boy. Will you be the support Djoulensky needs as he waits to be united with a forever family?"

Join me in prayer for Djoulensky this week.

"Sponsorship is life-giving at All God’s Children International. In Haiti, sponsorship provides an education to help lift orphans and vulnerable children out of poverty. Your support helps provide each child with loving caretakers, three nutritious meals a day, vitamins, supplements, education, quality medical care and therapy.

For as little as $35 a month, you can help meet the needs of one orphan as a supporting sponsor. Partner sponsorships are available at $100 a month, and to fully sponsor a child, the monthly need is $400."
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