Monday, November 10, 2014

The Inferno-Literary Terms-Point of View

The Inferno is definitely told in the First Person Point of View. By using this point of view Dante is able to consistently describe the emotions his character (himself) is feeling and the atrocious sights he sees in a way that sends chills down his reader’s spine. If Dante were to use the Objective point of view, The Inferno would definitely not be the classic work that it is. The Limited Omniscient Point of View could have some degree of the effectiveness that the First Person Point of View does in that, it would let us know most of the same emotions Dante feels as he progresses through his journey. Now if Dante used the Omniscient Point of View he could possible achieve the same description and feelings, however, I believe that Dante in choosing the First Person Point of View unquestionably made his writing more vivid and relatable. Using it surely gives us (readers) clues as to the purpose of the story, which is to show man’s utter depravity and how it is to be punished according to Dante. The Inferno also seems to be a metaphor for man’s journey through life. This idea is much more effective when it is told from that “man’s”(First Person) point of view.