Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What aspects or premises of the feminist movement are biblical? Unbiblical?

The late 19th and early 20th century saw the first growth of a strong feminist movement.

Feminism focused on equality. But equality is tricky; equal rights does not mean equal roles. While both men and women they are equally valued that does not mean they are equally good at the same things. While their jobs are “equal” in that they are equally important they are not “equal” in that they are the same.

Aspects of the feminist movement, such as rights to vote are in my opinion correct, constitutional, and biblical. But the idea that women should not have to “deal with” children (i.e. use of birth control pills) and should be able to “have their own lives” outside their families is unbiblical.

I find no problem with women being able to work, in fact the Proverbs 31 women does! But she does not allow this to take away from her family duties. The unbiblical aspect of feminism is the idea that women are the same as men and should be able to have interchangeable jobs. The bible is quite clear that men and women have different roles, which, while equal, are different.