Monday, March 23, 2015

Frankenstein's Treatment

In chapter I, how does Victor Frankenstein’s treatment at the hands of his parents compare to and contrast with the way he treats his “creature”?

Despite the loving treatment Victor Frankenstein received from his parents, when he has the opportunity to create a new life he does not display the same affection. I will compare Frankenstein’s parent’s actions towards him versus his actions towards his “creature”.

Victor’s parents were invested in his future while he only thought of his own future and the future of what he could do with his discovery. His parents loved Frankenstein; He hated the creature he created. Victor’s parents genuinely enjoy his company. In contrast, Frankenstein literally runs from his creation. He doesn’t even give the creature a chance, while his parents were continually patient with him. Victor was their object of affection, while the creature was the object of experimentation and then horror. Whilst Frankenstein’s parents set a exemplary model of virtue for him from a young age, Frankenstein gives no example of how to act to his creation. He abandons his creature, but his family never abandoned him; they continued to entreat how he was doing long after he had stopped answering them.

While Victor was a normal, sweet human boy to be cherished, his creation was a ghastly concoction that strikes horror in anyone upon sight of him. I do think this had something to do with the different ways that Frankenstein was treated, and treated his creation. But I think it mostly has to do with the person giving, no the one receiving. I feel like Frankenstein's intentions were selfish all along, while his parent's were not. This led to him again only thinking about himself when he was struck with the horror of what he had done.

Thus, in spite of the loving treatment that Frankenstein, as a normal human boy, receive upon his entering of the world, he fails to treat his newly created creature with any of the same virtues.