Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Crunchy to the Core series: Part 1-Judgemental Foodie

Hi everyone! I know a lot of you all know that I LOVE food. And I love GOOD food. I am also kind if weird in that I research food, and it's causes...etc.

Also I am gluten intolerant and too much sugar or processed food give me a bad reaction. 

Now that I have let you know all that up front, let me get onto the point of this post! This is the first of a three part series on Crunchy Food myths, true facts and information! Without further ado, let's get started!

Crunchy to the Core series: Part 1-Judgemental Foodie

First I would like to debunk some common myths about us crunchy food people. :)

1. Crunchy people think they are better than you because of their food choices.

2. Crunchy people judge you because of your food choices.

3. We always eat healthy.

4. It is too expensive to eat the way we do.

5. We just do it cause we think it is cool and makes us different.

6. We don't trust God to take care of us.

1. This is not true at all. I am glad I have the right to choose my food, but that also means you have the right to choose your food! Just because I researched where my meat came from does not make me any "better" than you! And we do not view ourselves as such! Just because it makes my body feel lethargic to eat the food you are eating does not mean that I think I am better than you, it means my body has a physical reaction to the food.

2. It saddens me that so many people think crunchy foodies are sitting over here with our salads judging your pb&j. Like I said, we are not judging you for your choices, we would just like ours to be respected! In fact, most of the time it is us who are getting judged. I can often tell that people are judging me because of what I chose to eat, while they think that I am judging them because of what they are eating... okay I am confusing myself here... ;)

3. Nope. Sorry to burst your bubble, but seriously who does not enjoy a Mighty Fine every now and then? We're people too.

4. This is a common misconception. If you go to the store and compare organic beef to commercial beef the organic beef is WAY more expensive. But you have to be smart about how you prepare your food. If you are choosing to buy food that you have researched and feel is best for you body and it is more expensive, you have to eat less of it! We don't eat meat every night for dinner. If you actually budget it out, eating whole foods (I mean like 1 ingredient foods not the store ;) can actually be cheaper. 

5. Okay so there are some people out there who just buy gluten free stuff just because it is the new "health food" trend (and this is VERY annoying to us also fyi). But the majority of us out there are not like that. I for one, get head and eye aches, my face swells, I feel lethargic...etc. when I eat wheat, so I am not just doing it to be "cool". In fact it usually does the opposite. I'm usually the one kid who can't eat what everyone else is eating. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind; I am just trying to demonstrate that I don't do it to be cool.

6. Well besides being slightly offensive, this is simply not true. We trust God in our everyday decisions, and seek to glorify him through them just as you do. Does the fact that you pay for insurance mean you don't trust God to take care of you financially? No. It means you are using the skills and knowledge he has given you to make the wisest decision for your family.

So in short, we don't judge ya for your food choices! Please don't judge us!;) Now, we do love to talk about our food so if you get us started on that topic BEWARE! ;D

I think there may have been some rambling and ranting in there... Sorry about that! ;) I'm open to discuss this or answer any questions with anyone! I know there is a lot I did not cover and so feel free to comment; this is just what flew off my mind at 10:30 at night. :) If any of my fellow foodies would like to add some myths or common misconceptions feel free!

I hope I haven't offended anyone, and if I have please know that it was not my intention. I would simply like to clear up some myths!

Look for Part 2-Foodie Facts of my Crunchy to the Core series coming next week! Also stay tuned for news about our new GROWING UP CRUNCY YOUTUBE CHANNEL!