Monday, April 20, 2015

Some thoughts on Christians and the Holocaust

Many of the atrocities committed in the Holocaust were done by professing Christians. What do you think of this? (comment below)

As humans we are sinful, and will continue to sin until Christ returns and brings us into sinful paradise. But I think the complete depravity exercised in the Holocaust could not have been executed by Christ's followers. I don't think true Christians could have knowingly committed such atrocities. If Christ is living inside of you and you truly have the Holy Spirit guiding you I do not think you could support genecide. It is very important to distinguish between "professing" Christians and true Christians. There are millions of people who call themselves Christians but do not live for Him in their everyday lives. This is a very sad and depressing truth, but it is a truth.

There were many "nominal" Christians, many who thought they were doing the right thing, many who did not know what was going on, and many who did know, at least to an extent, and let happen or even participated in horrific actions.