Saturday, April 18, 2015

Is there a perception even today that we are modern, enlightened, and noble when compared to the barbarity of ancient man?

I would say this is true even more so today than ever. With the ideas of Evolution running rampant in our educational system and society as whole, people are led to believe that man is constantly getting better (i.e. evolving higher) and discovering more. While it is true that we might have more technology now than ever, are we really more “noble” and “enlightened” than the ancient man? I would argue a definitive no.

First let us look at our ultimate source of truth. In the beginning when God created Adam and Eve, they were literally formed by his hands and given life from the breath of God. They were given all the knowledge they needed to survive instantaneously. I think Adam and Eve held within them greater knowledge of mankind than any of us will EVER have. They were in direct communion with God, the source of all eternal knowledge.

Second there is quite a bit of evidence that previous civilizations have held great technology, that died along with their civilization. I think it is incorrect for us to have the idea that “no one has ever known what we know now.”

Third this view that “our generation” is the most advanced, leads us to a dangerous arrogance and blind acceptance. If we are so much more capable and intelligent than we shouldn’t have to look at historical examples for wisdom. If our scientists are “infallible” then what is to stop us from changing the human race to their idea of perfection? Lastly and most dangerously, if we are so advanced, do we even need a God?

We commit just as gruesome atrocities in this modern world as have been being committed for thousands of years. I think we often turn a blind eye to these horrors in an attempt to see our current human state as “better” than the previous.

How many things did we solemnly believe to be true, that have been proved incorrect? How many of our generations “common truths” will be disproven by our grandchildren? In a way, man is always advancing, but we are also loosing the greater truths past generations held sacred.

What do you think? Is man really more advanced? Do you agree with my analysis? What are some of the more "sacred truths" we have lost?