Sunday, April 5, 2015

Life of Christ

This past Wednesday we participated in our UMHB's annual Easter Pageant. It tells Christ's story form birth to resurrection. Reading the story is moving, hearing about it, or listening to sermons on Christ's sacrifices are important and meaningful, but watching it, visualizing seeing Judas' betrayal, "Jesus's" getting nailed to a cross, the tomb being empty is just an amazing experience. Even better, is participating in this portrayal and knowing that you are helping bring the story of salvation to others in a enlightening way is such a blessing. Unfortunately, I don't have much pics of the performance, but here are the ones I have from the day as a whole!

First we had to get all painted and put make up on to look more jewish and more dirty.

Goofing off in between shows... :)
It is one thing to know that Christ died for YOUR sins, but to actually act it out, to be the people yelling insults and screaming "crucify Him" gives the crucifixion a whole new meaning, and makes the resurrection even more joyful.

This building serves as the place where "Jesus" celebrates Passover.  

Pictures with "Jesus". The person who plays Jesus is picked a year before and actually does a bible study with the "disciples" up until the Pageant!

Playing on the stage... 
One of my favorite parts of the play comes at the end where we all go to the cross and kneel down. We then proceed to sing, "We exalt Thee." It is such a moving scene, without any background music, or sound. Just people. Kids. Adults. Some literally wearing "rags". Praising God.
All in all I was blessed. Hundreds of people were blessed. College students and kids were blessed. And we had some wonderful family time, a nice break from our busy lives. As you celebrate Resurrection Sunday, remember the gravity of Christ's sacrifice, but also remember the JOY of his Resurrection and the eternal implications it has.