Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Personal Evaluation of my Writing Hopes

Awwww… the dreaming and the planning evaluation… These are two of my favorite things to do: dream and plan. I am actually planning my next school year right now (Is that nerdy). Anyways, I think words have amazing power and we can accomplish so much through our writing. We can inspire. We can reveal. We can demonstrate Christ’s love. We can share powerful messages, all with the touch of a keyboard. This is amazing to me, and I intend to use it to my advantage.

Next year, my mom and I have agreed that I will take a break from academic writing and write a novel. I am super excited about this and certainly see more books, both fiction and perhaps non-fiction in my future. It has been on my heart to write a historical fiction children’s book series, but I do not have plans for when I will write this series.

I currently post some of my writing on this blog; but it serves more as a school blog as of now. I hope to expand this to wider audience, and post more interesting and important things, as well as use it to advertise for my books. This year, I found a wonderful way to acquire free books while helping less well known authors out; I exchange my honest book reviews for free copies of their books. I plan to make some money off this blog through affiliate links…etc. in the future.

Although I am not going to be getting a writing or literature-related college degree, I do know that college in general is writing intensive. I imagine I will be very grateful for this preparation when I get there. J

I love teaching and I love writing. I definitely foresee myself teaching and or tutoring writing skills. I am actually thinking about doing some tutoring next year.

The skill of writing will be useful in any and almost all of my various other passions, thus I look forward to becoming a better writer, and accomplishing more for His kingdom.