Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Internet

The advent of the Internet has truly changed communication, education, and the way we think in general.

Communication: We no longer have to wait months for letters to travel from across the world, we can email or text them and receive their responses INSTANTLY. To be honest I don’t even understand how this works, and I am still a bit amazed by it. Our technology allows friendships and businesses to prosper that may never have had that opportunity. On the other hand, it also takes away from face to face communication. Some of us are so used to texting or tweeting (which I don’t even understand by the way) that when we get into real life conversation, we don’t have the skills to communicate.

Education: The opportunities for education and access of information is probably the largest it has ever been. With a simple google search we can bring up thousands of articles, books, opinions, pictures, videos, and facts on a topic of interest. This is truly revolutionary.

Thinking: We now think in terms of posts, articles, and emails, rather than letters, phone calls and visits to the library to get our information. This thinking can be both positive and negative. Our minds are trained to get instant feedback, and studies have shown that this constant instant response of the internet actually decrease the long term memory of the brain. So while the internet is useful, it should be used more thoughtfully than it generally is.