Thursday, May 14, 2015

Frankenstein as a creator versus God as a creator

Mary Shelley, in her book, Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus, demonstrates the cruelty of a creator who left the created to its own devices. While this cruelty can be avidly seen in Frankenstein, it is not at all discoverable in the true God, and ultimate creator of the universe

While God promises to teach His people the way in which they should walk, Dr. Frankenstein did not bother to teach his creation even the basics of human life. Because of this, Frankenstein’s monster had to figure life out on his own, while man came into the world with knowledge and a supreme mentor. When Frankenstein first saw his creation, he immediately abandoned him. In stark contrast, even though God knew man would sin before he was even created, he truthfully states that He will never leave nor forsake his people.

While Victor Frankenstein is obsessed with his experiment, exhausting himself and his resources, only to end up with a horrifying monster, God, in his power, simply spoke and man came into existence. Frankenstein thinks only of his minute stitches and not the bigger picture. However God, in his sovereignty is able to comprehend the eternal implications of his actions. Because of this knowledge, which the God of the Bible has, He knew His people would rebel, but He would not leave them to their own devices. Rather He set up a plan of redemption for his rebellious people. Frankenstein, on the other hand, upon seeing his creation's rebellious actions vowed to rid the world of him, instead of help him.

Ultimately Frankenstein’s decisions are riddled with selfishness and greed, while God took time to truly care for His creation. Not only did God not abandon his creation like Frankenstein, but He went even further, so as to provide redemption when they inevitably did fall.