Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Marlow, the Chief Accountant, and the Manager in, "The Heart of Darkness"

How is the chief accountant described and why does Marlow admire him?  How is the manager characterized?

While both the chief accountant and manager hold attitudes of superiorities, and inflict thoughts of awe, the reasons for each are different.

The Chief Accountant is an efficient worker, which automatically makes him admirable and then the fact that he goes out of his way (and has others go out of theirs) so as to always look polished. I believe this success is one of the reason’s for Marlowe’s admiration of this man.

The Manager on the other hand, owes most of his success to wonderful health and his stability. But instead of inspiring feelings of awe, this character seems to make all around him uneasy.

Thus, both the Chief Accountant and Manager are able to control their positions, but through different means.