Saturday, May 30, 2015

Some thoughts on Conrad's view of human nature

Morbid. Full of darkness. Selfish. Cruel. All these words describe man’s human nature and are extenuated in Conrad’s book, Heart of Darkness. From his own experiences Conrad displays the depravity of man on a day to day level. He has experienced firsthand the cruelty of mankind and readers can see through his character’s the lack of hope he has for the human condition.

From the beginning of the book, readers can see Conrad’s views coming through as he creates annoying leaders and cruel slave drivers. His lack of hope is even evident as he portrays the poor fiancé of an comrade with a life of lies.

Humanity is sinful. It will be sinful until Christ comes and rids the world of sin and horror. But until that day, we must continue with Conrad to expose man’s horror, but we must go further and tell of the hope humanity still has.