Friday, August 28, 2015

Ice, Gas Station, and the Kindness of a Stranger

I am so glad to be back to posting again! Today's post isn't anything spectacular, but it is an experience that I had over the summer that really stuck out to me and so I thought it was worth telling you all about.

Our ice maker doesn't work right now and so my friend and I were riding our bikes to the gas station right by our house to get some ice.

We got our bikes out, argued over who got to ride which one, and started the quick ride to the gas station. Upon arrival however, I realized we had forgotten the money required for the bag of ice. I was just telling my friend this (and perhaps complaining a little O_o) and we were getting back on our bikes to head home for the money when this guy walks up to us.

He is wearing work boots and work jeans with a slightly stained white T-shirt. His big pocket knife in a nice case is clipped onto the side of his pants and he definitely doesn't look like he belongs in our cookie cutter neighborhood.

Apparently he had overheard our conversation and offered to BUY OUR ICE. I was surprised. I mean it wasn't that much money, but the fact that he saw a couple kids on bikes (I'm not even wearing shoes mind you) and just willingly offered to help them for no good reason than to help them was just something you don't see everyday.

"Really?" I said, not really sure to accept or decline the offer.

Well, leaving my friend outside to watch the bikes, I went inside and got out the ice. Mystery guy went over to the register. He put something on the register for himself and then realized the price of the ice, put back his little item and bought mine instead. I guess he only had a certain amount of money with him or something.

But he didn't turn around and tell me he couldn't get my ice. He put his item back.

Then as I left the gas station convenient store and heard the little bell ring above the door, I said, "Thank you!" Then added, "God bless you."

To my surprise he turned around and said, "Do y'all go to church?"

"Yes sir!" I said as I looked at my friend wondering about this guys question.

"Good." he said.

And then he left.

I don't know why this experience left such an impression on me. We didn't get into a profound conversation and the mystery guy with a serious Texas accent didn't go out paying $1000s to charities. Rather he did a simple act of kindness. I don't know if he was a Christian, but he showed God's love and portrayed the real kindness that would make our society such a better place to live in if everyone practiced it.

This experience blessed me and I hope my story will bless you too, but more importantly, I hope it will inspire you to do little acts of kindness.

It was an encouragement to me to show Christ's love in my everyday life.

To help the kid at the gas station.

To be willing to make a little sacrifice.

When you see a need, no matter how small, don’t hesitate to show kindness. You never know the impact that little act of kindness will have on someone.

What if instead of a teen from a Christian house, that kid at the gas station was a troubled teen with no real kindness in his home life?

I know after this little encounter I will be looking for more ways to let God use me in my everyday life. Will you join me?