Thursday, September 17, 2015

Check out My Custom T-shirt and Apparel Clothing Shop

Hi everyone! I know I haven't been on the blog much. I have been very busy. I do hope to have a couple Guest Posts, Bible Posts, and Book Reviews coming up, so stay tuned! Right now, though, I would like to take to you about my NEW T-shirt shop. 

If you to my Dancing In His Reign MyLocker Shop and DESIGN YOUR OWN T-shirt!

You can use my "Dancing in His Reign" ideas or you can make up your own. Please check it out, and consider using me to create your next team, school, club, or family shirt!In the top right hand corner you can select almost ANY activity (sports, academics, specific clubs...etc) imaginable and have a variety of T-shirt/clothing ideas for that specific activity!

Click on this link, or the Custom Shop Ad at the bottom of my blog to take a look at MyLocker.