Monday, April 11, 2016

Oral Learners

Oral learners process information differently. They are highly relational and transmit their beliefs, heritage, values, and other important information by means of stories, proverbs, poetry, chants, music, dances, ceremonies, and rites of passage. Western missionaries cannot simply record literarily written works in an oral way, because making something audible does not make it understandable to an “oral learner.” Since oral learners process information differently Western missionaries must use concrete notions, sequential expression of events, and relational contexts rather than abstract notions, random expression of events, and individualist contexts to communicate with them.

While oral societies can be difficult because of our western worldview, they are actually very beneficial to the spread of the gospel. Oral learners are able to hear the gospel in a way that they can easily reciprocate and repeat to others. If we can learn and establish oral strategies we can affect oral learners on a worldview level.