Thursday, April 14, 2016

Running In His Reign

I have been quite busy, as you all might have been able to tell from the lack of posts. Here is one of my laters endeavors. I have been training and coaching a wonderful group of kids doing my favorite thing: RUNNING! They are the sweetest, coolest, toughest, spunkiest, kindest group of kids and I'm proud to call them my running kids. SO without further ado, here are some pics of my awesome kiddos. (the last pic is my favorite). ;)

It is quite cold in January! but the kids pushed through!

Stretching after a good run is the best.
After several weeks of leading the stretches, I now rotate between all the kids and allow them to lead. They have the stretches we do memorized. :)

Prayer and team spirit!
Hill work ;)
They love going on the trails. It changes up the scenery and is all around good for them. :)

Track teams become like family. :)
And OH the lovely bleachers. Boy are they tired after those!
Indian runs...
We practice different kinds of workouts in addition to our running. 

T-shirts came in!!
YES my 6 year olds run through the RAIN. literally. 

We will have 9 kids competing in the Texas State Homeschool Track Meet (even though most of them are younger than the youngest age category-they're troopers!) this year and I am looking forward to seeing these kid's hard work pay off this Saturday!!